Notre énergie au service du Fenua

Knowing us

The CEO’s word

GAZ DE TAHITI has been providing her knowledge and expertise to the population of French Polynesia and to her customers for nearly 50 years.
Through her different activities wich include gas cylinders distribution, of various cylinder sizes, bulk gas delivered by trucks in over 600 tanks used by our customers in the different Polynesian islands, autogas cylinders distribution for fork-lift trucks, and the collective gas supply in housing estates, residences and commercial activity centers, GAZ DE TAHITI is a major energy player of our Fenua.

Our growth reflects fits into our desire to make widely available an economical energy service that respects the environment. We’re making innovation efforts to satisfy our customers and seek the best solutions to meet their expectations. Safety and security, relative to goods and people are key priorities in our activity.   

In the context of the evolution of energy mix diversification, gas proves to be a real advantage, in terms of diversification and energy efficiency. Worldwide, finding the best solutions to cover energy needs is a priority to accompany the economic development of a country. This point is even more important here in our islands, considering French Polynesia’s insularity configuration.   

Our desire is to make GAZ DE TAHITI the key partner in the energy council, elaborating solutions allowing the use of the most appropriate energy for a given use.

That is why, at GAZ DE TAHITI, we are keen to promote the gas advantages of gas with strength and conviction, ready to take up tomorrow’s challenges to contribute to the development of a welcoming planet.

The gas is, and will stay, a clean energy in the service of your well-being.

Georges W. SIU
Chief Executive Officer of GAZ DE TAHITI
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